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December 26, 2011 - Alexis and Mark Breyer, Attorneys
Tort Reform - Personal Injury Law



December 12, 2011 - Atty Eugene Flynn
Medicaid Planning Part 2



November 28, 2011 - Atty Ann LoDolce
Divorce Law and Mediation



November 14, 2011 - Atty Emily Smith-Lee
Foreclosure Part 2



October 31, 2011 - Paul Izzo
Employment Law, Part 2



October 17, 2011 - Camille Brown
Medicare options



October 3, 2011 - Stan Ezekiel
College Planning Group



September 19, 2011 - Anthony Coia
Moneywatch - Financial Fitness



Septermber 5, 2011 - Matt Cullina
Identity theft


August 22, 2011 - Town Administrator and Town Accountant
Ben Puritz and Bill Fowler - Taxes - running of a town - and other "money" issues.



August 8, 2011 - Glen Hannington
Glen's second visit about small claims - limits ($7,000) To bring a small claims or not.


July 25, 2011 - Bill O'Donnell
Register of Deeds, return visit talking about recent changes in the Homestead Law and Homestead Laws in general over the country



July 11, 2011 - Al Inglesi
Vice President of Eastern Savings Bank, talking about Small Business Loans and helping Small Business get started and/stay there.


June 27, 2011 - Chris Harrison
Chris's second visit talking about estates and wills and recent changes in the law,


June 13, 2011 - Scott Rowsell
of Beaumont Solar, #1 in Solar Energy, talking about the good of Solar and the tax credits available to consumers.

May 30, 2011 - Derek Buchler
Representing Columbia Gas, talking about Energy and how the energy companies work together. How to get an energy audit at no charge.


May 16, 2011 - Bill Stack
Representing NStar Electric and what energy efficient is and how to save money on your bill. Bringing with him samples of items (light bulbs, thermostats,etc) that you can install in your home.



May 2, 2011 - Cliff Caplan - longtime expert in Investment Basics.


Retirement Planning with Herb Daroff. aired April 18, 2011

Herb Daroff , investment counsellor, attorney, everything role into one - a wealth of knowledge - talking about


Attorney Paul Izzo aired April 4, 2011

Know your rights and what to look out for in employment law.


Attorney Eugene Flynn aired 3/21/2011

Discussing medicaid planning and also his fascinating role as Advocate with the Ancient and Honorable Artillery which houses a museum on the top floor of Faneuil Hall in Boston


Sharon Historic Commission - with Dave Martin and Shirley Schofield - aired March 7 2011

Sharon Historic Commission features Dave Martin and Shirley Schofield. Did you know this Commission has the power to sue you ? Do you get a tax credit if your house is in a historic area ??

Barbara Minkwitz of Eastern Bank - Fraud Awareness - aired February 21 2011

Barbara Minkwitz, of the Eastern Bank, talks about Fraud Awareness and the latest "scams" to watch out for.

Emily Smith-Lee Attorney - Avoiding Foreclosoure - aired February 7, 2011

Attorney Emily Smith-Lee, informative session on avoiding foreclosure in this economy.

Richie Gorden - Realton , Appraiser - Real Estate Market Overview - aired January 2011

Richie Gorden, an Appraiser, Assessor, Realtor, will discuss an Overview of The real Estate Market, should you buy at a short sale, a foreclosure ?

January 2011 HESCCO - Elder Services with Marilyn Arrott and Amy Garland

Hessco Elder Services, Marilyn Arrott andAmy Garland, you will be amazed at the many many services this non profit performs not just for Elders but for those in need.

January 2011 Legal Process of Purchasing a Home with Joel Fishman

Joel Fishman is an Attorney who will take us through the Legal Process of Purchasing a Home from initial offer up to recording at the Registry of Deeds.

December 2010 Personal Injury Law with Andy Nebenzahl

Attorney Andy Nebenzahl, active in MA political affairs, enlightens us on new case law effecting snow and ice claims as well as general Personal Injury Law.

December 2010 Consumer Scams With Diane Lawton and Jason Lefferts

Chief Legal Counsel Diane Lawton and Jason Lefferts of the Mass Consumer Protection Bureau enlighten the viewers about Consumer Scams not just aimed for Senior Citizens but at our Students in Colleges. What to do to protect yourself.

November 2010 Real Estate Market Overview with Nancy and David Wluka

Nancy and David Wluka are a husband and wife Real Estate Team talking about the Real Estate Market Overview . An urban planner, he has also been directly involved in the marketing of large development projects. How to Stage your House for Sale…

November 2010 Protecting with the Right Coverage with Julie and Gary Shuffain

Julie and Gary Shuffain are a husband and wife Insurance team talking about Protecting Your Biggest Asset with the Right Coverage… Are you covered for that fallen tree?

October 2010 Overview of Estate Planning with Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison is an Estate Law Atty, with Compass Rose Law .. Listen for an informative overview of Estate Planning …

October 2010 Rights of Property Owners with Glen Hannington,

Glen Hannington is an Attorney , a retired Clerk/Magistrate and well known speaker around the Boston area. He defended the famous Red Sox Vendors case. Talks about the Rights of Property Owners. "no first bite ?

September 2010 Homestead Act with Bill O'Donnell

William P. O'Donnell of Norwood is Register of Deeds for Norfolk County, MA and discusses the Protections and Issues relating to the HOMESTEAD ACT.

Wise Friends Interview