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Who We Are


Attorneys Roberta Waterman Saphire and Gerald Saphire are husband and wife attorneys, practicing under the name of Saphire & Saphire from 1968 - yes, over 40 years ago.  They know what it is not only to be attorneys, but business owners and real estate property owners.

Roberta Saphire is currently producing and co-hosting a local TV show, “The Law, Your Money…and You!” with financial planner, Camille DelPadre Barron. Click here to visit the show's website.  Over the last two years, guest experts have advised the public on important legal and financial matters. Topics have ranged from identity theft and scams to product liability. The show has been successfully expanded into 13 towns.

Roberta has also authored the soon to be coming books titled “Legal Guide for Homeowners” and “Legal Guide for Businesses.” In addition, Roberta is a Library Trustee and Treasurer of the Town of Sharon, Massachusetts library.


Jerry is a member of Rotary International and the Lions Club. He is active in real estate development and other phases of real estate law.

Besides being active in local and community affairs, the Saphires have 3 children and 10 grandchildren (see above picture).

We could go on and on.  The main thing is that they will represent you with the highest ethics and ability.  You will be well taken care of.  If they can't handle your legal problems, they will most likely refer you to someone who will.  No obligation for initial consultation.